Monitors for a small room - please help

I've begun the difficult task of finding a new set of speakers and an amp for my now-smaller listening room. I prefer smooth, warm, musical speakers over a dry, analytical sound. Detail is always good, but I don't like detail that sounds forced or unnatural. Musicality is important, and so is timbre and musical texture.

So given those facts, what pair of monitors can you suggest that will fit my tastes and a small listening room?

I'll fourth or fifth the Dynaudios. I have the Focus 110 and an NAD C372 integrated in a 13x18 room and have been very happy with them, including the very tuneful bass. They do have a warm but very natural sound--and you could do the above combo for well under your budget buying used. If you could swing the Naim it would probably be even better.

When I downsized the Dynaudios replaced the Vandersteen 2CE Sig II in my system, and they're cut from the same sonic cloth. I owned the Spendor S3/5 in between and found it forward in the midrange and coarse in the treble in comparison.
The Opera Callas Monitors are great small-room, low-volume speakers. There's a pair up for sale now. No connection with the seller.
Agree w/the Dynaudio & Spendor recs. Big sound from a small enclosure.

For an integrated, check out the Primare line. This is a company that flies under the radar & has an authorized US repair facility that is top notch.
I'd definitely listen to the Silverline Audio Minuet. They get nothing short of phenomenol writeups.
sonus faber toys, dynaudio x12s, or for the best bang check out the Fritz mini monitors