Monitors for Sim integrated

I've recently changed all my equipment. Presently I have a Sim I-5.3 integrated and a Rega Apollo CD player. Am very happy with the combination but am looking now to swap out my B&W 704 speakers (which are too large for my room) with a pair of monitors.

Is anyone using monitors with their Sim equipment? What do you like? I've so far tried B&W 805 (no bass, aggressive tweeter;)and Dynaudio 1.4 (great bass, but just not musical). I also tried the monitor section of the Verity Rienzi: I'm trying to like it because I like that you can purchase the bass section separately in the future, but it sounded harsh with my amp.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
How about Sim and Merlins? I have the Merlin TSM-MX, heard the pair at a dealer, very nice.
I tried several brands of monitors with my I-5 and the best match among them was ProAc.

My current speaker, the DeVore Fidelity Gibbon, is better than any of them by quite a margin, though. It's a floorstander but a small, easy-to-place one. DeVore does make a couple of monitors but I haven't heard either of them.

Devore Gibbons
Hey Matty...Glad to hear that. I have Merlin VSM-MMs, and I'm considering the Simaudio i7 to drive them.

Rfp...supposedly, Bobby P. likes how Simaudio mates with Merlins. You should consider e-mailing him and seeing what he says, if interested in Matty's suggestion.
Sfar: I listened to ProAcs today (not with my amp) and I agree they sound great. The Tablette (?) was amazing but I feel that it would get fatiguing after a while; the high end seemed edgy, like it often does in such a small box.

Last week I brought home the DeVore Super 8. Without doubt it is a great speaker, but I feel my room is too small for them. Plus, I feel the midrange is too revealing, though perhaps that is the price of the musicality it offers.

Have never heard Merlins. I don't know anyone in my area who sells them.
I'm currently using Lipinski Sound 707's with Sim I-7. On my main system I'm using Mac Mono's with B&W 802D's. The 707's defintely
give the 802's a run for the money.Northern Audio in Pittsburgh,PA has them.