Monitors with Built In Center Channels

Center channel placement is an issue for me in one of my HT systems that is located in a built in.  Currently the cc resides above the TV.   The cc takes some space as well, limiting me to a 55 inch screen where a 65 inch would otherwise fit.  Dialog improved considerably when I added an AVR with room correction but I was reading a review of a Sony OLED with a built in cc.  As I understood it the entire monitor is a cc with the sound emanating from the screen.  Theoretically this should be possible with either planar magnetic or electrostatic type membranes but the review and what I Googled are fairly mum on this.  Does anyone have experience with such a monitor?
Maybe they are using a panel exciter of some type. They work quite well for voices. They are not known for great bass and fall off normally at 10-12k.

I've tinkered with panels and exciters, they are a lot of fun actually and a good alternative for odd shapes that need to produce sound.
always learning here, I found this

my instinct: bigger screen with compromised center channel is not a great solution, soooo

gotta hear an actual demo somewhere
Exciters. figured it was..

The actual tech has been around for 60 years or so. Fun!! 

PE has a full line of exciters and shakers.

Get rid of the built-in and all your problems just melt away.  They are the root of all Audio/video evil.