Mono blocks that can provide that golden sound...

I cureently own a pair of Pass Labs XA160.5s. They are a incredible sounding pair of mono blocks but they tale a very long time to warm up and settle down. I refuse to listen to them untill they are warmed and settled as when they are first turned on the sound is 2D, flat, non ingaging and just not much enjoyment at first. When they are warmed up they are to die for and would be lifers for me if not for the long warmup time which can take 1-2 hours of playing music. I can't afford to just let them stay on 24/7 as I tried once and they added $100+ to my electric bill and wife was not happy about it.

So, can anyone reccomand a pair om mons that provide the same or very close to the signature sound of the Pass that require very little warm up time like 30mins or less? Alos must be new or used under $13K. Not 100% sure to keep or swap out yet. Thanks!
while a step back, the mac 501s provide very good sound with no warmup. i had the xa60.5s, which were better, but not much. 501s have less transparency, top end extension, or microdetail retrieval. but again, not much. the immediate gratification of instant good-enough sound and not having schwetty balls while listening in houston in july tipped the decision for me.
I like the Ayre MX-R. I do not have any experience with the Pass so I could not give you a comparison and I do no know if it will work with your pre.

However, the MX-R needs to be warmed up as well. I can listen to them when turning on from standby but they sound their best after warming up for 3+ hours. Listening cold they are a little brittle.
Will it seems like any Reference class amp requires a bit of warm up time to perform their best. I tell you these Class A mono blocks just do their magic that not too many amps can even for double or triple their cost. The sound quality of theses amps are so incredible they just put me in the state of nirvana every time I listen to them. I’m afraid if I sold them, that state of nirvana would be very elusive for a long time searching for replacements. Heat they generate is not an issue as I have AC. I guess it’s like this, you can’t have a 10sec ¼ mile car and get 40 mpg too. That’s why I don’t drive mine every day.

As Peterayer said, when I plan on listening to my system in the evening during the week I'll just let them warm up for 2 hours just before I set to listen and for the weekend I'll turn the amps on Friday afternoon and turn them off Sunday evening. A plan like that I can live with for sure.