MONO Cartridge Stylus Shape: WHAT? WHEN?

Some want 'best'.

My approach is not 'best' but to get the true advantages of playing Mono LP's with a Mono Cartridge. So far it's going well

I started with a Grado MI Elliptical Mono, currently using for Mono Jazz, early and late 50's., some earlier 40's.

Then, why not: I had VAS put boron/advanced stylus shape on an AT-33 MC Mono Body for alternate 'advanced stylus' mono. Haven't used it yet.

I see some Spherical Mono Cartridges for sale, including some for a lot of $.


How do we know which era of Mono LP's grooves and which Stylus Shape is 'best' for them?????

IOW, an advanced stylus shape is just 'wrong' for this era of mono groove shape?

Is elliptical ok (just not best) for LP's where Spherical is 'proper'?

How much of a compromise is using Elliptical for all Mono LP's for instance?

thanks in advance as always for your contributions, Elliott


I want to be in the Will of anyone who pays $2,250. for a Mono Cartridge.

I paid a mere $1,765CDN +15% tax for a Cadenza Mono, so I don't meet your criteria. I'll tell the lawyer to cross you off the list. 😉

Put your modified AT on. I am confident that you'll be very pleased and its performance will be exemplary on almost all your mono records. 

I had Steve put a Namiki boron cantilever with MR stylus on an AT 33 Mono a few years ago-it is a fabulous cartridge and a serious improvement on the stock item.


Might even give a few of those $2k mono cartridges a run for their money. 




I found and bought the AT33 Mono with a broken stylus, knowing I was going to have Steve upgrade it.

I cannot remember which advanced tip Steve and I chose, we put it on boron. After shattering Shure's beryllium, I generally stick with boron, although I did buy a Sumiko Talisman S with a sapphire tube cantilever, it sounds terrific.

I will be listening to it soon, been recovering from surgery, PT, getting better, moving about, played some music this weekend.

two from that 'give away' sale posted here, price $0.00; shipping $8.00

Bud Powell Trio, Time Waits, wonderful (Rudy Van Gelder)

Jon Baptiste, very enjoyable quirky mix