Monoblock Suggestion?

What brand of monoblocks is recommend with Dali's MS5 in order to obtain their full potencial. I'm looking to monoblocks in particular that will handle the 4 ohms load this speakers have and that won't run out of steam.Maybe a used brand that represent a good value.Maybe new?

The Innersound amps are indeed very efficient(sp?). They don't use fuse protection if that tells you anything. I haven't compared the Innersound to the others listed, but here is a link to a review:
Are this meant to be for electrostatic speakers maily? The Dalis are rated at 4 ohms.
I think that the Innersound would be ok, but you may want to contact Innersound at 720.210.1925 or contact Duke LeJeune at 877.473.7262 who is a Innersound dealer. Duke will be able to answer that question. Have you thought about contacting Dali and finding out what they suggest?
Room is 18 x 12 x 11 , actually is a living room, I like not that loud, moderate.Maybe louder with movies.the ceiling is angled,the highest point measure 11 feet.