Monoprice HDMI Silver vs. Copper

Any recommendations from the Audiogon community on the benefits of silver plated copper vs.just copper Monprice brand HDMI cables.


Not sure about silver content but length/gauge should be considered. Use bigger gauge for longer runs to avoid dropouts. The 22ga would be better than the 24ga in case of long run. Short runs I would get the 'thinner' stuff for greater flexibility. I do suppose the silver would help in signal transmission but curious as to how well with long runs. I use a older/regular monoprice hdmi to my pj...30 ft thru wall, attic, and in to the problems as I have used it for more than 5 yrs.
I see Pangea has silver plated copper and silver plated Ohno copper HDMI cables. I really like the Ohno copper in my Audience cables.Another to consider.
Audioholics did a nice test of HDMI cables and my take away was that cable length was the dominate factor. I suspect that a short cable cares not who makes it. Look the test up and they list results versus vendor.