Monster Cable Alpha - 1

Hi - I know Monter Cable Alpha 2 is in fact an Accuphase AC-2. I have a chance to buy a new Monster Alpha 1. Is this in fact an earlier AC-2 cartridge? What are the differences between the Alpha 1 and the Alpha 2? They look quite similar to me (of course the earlier was sexy gold and the newer boring black....).

The Monster Cable Alpha series, the Accuphase AC series, the ADC TRX series, and the current ZYX lineup were all designed by Count Hisayoshi Nakatsuka.
There were earlier (gold) and later (black) production of these models. I believe the only difference is the cantilever - 2 has sapphire, 1 has boron. The gold's are hyperellipticals and black's are line contact.
I know this is an old thread but I may have an opportunity to get the Alpha 2. I would appreciate any feedback on it's sonic traits, strengths and weaknesses. Thx
The Alpha series had a very hot high register like most early moving coil cartridge. This was addressed in the Alpha Genesis series. The 2000 model is what you should be looking for and I see them NOS for around 400 to 500 on occasion.