Monster CX-2 spk cable, worth the bother ??

I just ran across some Monster CX-2 bi-wire cable that I had packed away about 10 yrs ago. At this moment in time not having to buy high dollar speaker would be of help to the budget. This cable is made up of a small cable of 3 solid wires in a jacket, and a larger ( about 14 ga ), of probably 30 to forty small stands in a jacket. I am needing to run close to 30 feet to a pair of Quad 989’s. A Bryston 2b-sst amp feeds the Quads. Is the Monster CX-2 a waste of time ?? Thanks.
Why waste time asking when you can simply hook it up and listen? I've always been of the opinion that a good system will sound good with good old-fashioned lamp cord...but it will sound better with well-matched, sensibly designed cables. I'm also of the opinion that cables are only the cherry on top of a balanced system. I don't know anything specifically about CX-2 but it's got to be at least the equal of bulk wire and quite possibly a step up. I'm sure it will do just fine for now and if you like what you hear, for years to come. At worst, it will be a competent placeholder.
Monster Cable is a lot like Bose...they are mass consumer driven companies, not audiophile driven.
Unlike a lot of cable manufacturers, MonsterCable is still around because they make a good product and know how to market it successfully. They'd be foolish not to expand their product offerings to the home theater/iPod crowd. It's called smart business.

Over the years, MonsterCable have made some excellent audiophile products including moving coil phono cartridges, power conditioners and of course, interconnects and speaker wire. Some of it may have been overpriced but WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE CABLE INDUSTRY HERE! Selling a few bucks worth of wire at a 500% or 1000% markup is the industry's stock and trade. So, before we go comparing Monster Cable directly to Bose, we'd better get some perspective.

Would MonsterCable be my first recommendation? Probably not. But since Gammastrep already owns the cable, he might as well use it and see what he thinks. There are probably much better cables but everyone knows there's a lot of junk out there too marketed by fly-by-nighters that make laughable claims.