Monster pwr conditioners----your thoughts?

I see these in Circuit City, Best Buy, and Target stores. I use a Chang light speed 3200 currently. Just curious to know if they make a difference sonically. Enjoy the music!
Monster makes fine power conditioners, and if they were made by some tweeky outfit in a garage, they'd no doubt be one of the holy grail conditioners by many here, but as they're a corporation they take constant hits.

Their power pieces are far better than their cables.

How good each piece is compared to their competition depends on your level of insecurity.
Thanks to all that have replied. Monster has been around awhile so I would think there current offerings would be of merit.
As Snofun has already mentioned in his post Monster makes exceptional high end power conditioners at very reasonable prices. Economies of scale make their $350 power conditioners similar in componentry to the $1000 esoteric brands that are available. I have one in my system now and it is very good.

I also believe that their high end cables are superior at their price points to most anything out there. I use Monster Sigma Retro speaker cables in my system and preferred them over Nordost Valhalla that I auditioned in my system as well. The fact that they were available at 40 percent off their retail price made the deal that much sweeter.

I never understood why so many Audiophiles have issues with the company that is, in my opinion, more responsible for consumer acceptance and purchase of high end audio than any other. Their components and cables are well constructed and more often than not outperform their competition at their price points.

You will not be disappointed with a Monster Power Conditioner purchase. Good luck.
My problem with Monster Cable is that they mistakenly believe that they now are the trademark owners of the word "MONSTER", and aggressively file suit against ANY company that uses the word Monster, whether the product has anything to do with cables, or electronics, for that matter.

Due to their "deep pockets", they usually win, because other companies cannot "pony up" the gargantuan legal fees involved.

I prefer not to do business with a corporation who thinks they can "own" a common word in the English language.