Monster Regret!!

Good morning to the community!  Years ago, when I was much younger and a whole lot dumber, I bought into all the Monster cable hype.  I even went as far as purchasing their Monster Power AVS 2000 voltage stabilizer and HTS 5000 reference power center.  I’m currently saving my ducats for a PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 15 and intend to install a dedicated line shortly. 

I am listening to Martin Logan 11As driven by PS Audio BHK 300 monoblocks.  I have the amps connected via a normal 120v home outlet.  My question, should I use the Monster Power stuff for my speakers, pre/pro, etc. or go to another outlet directly to the components? 


Many thanks!  

Your mileage may vary, though I was using a power conditioner, I decided to purchase a good power strip, just surge protection. That’s it. - hospital grade. 
I plugged my amp straight into the wall. The rest into the strip. 
I immediately noticed a much more open airy sound. 
I live in the land of dirty current of the 5 boroughs of nyc. Obviously components, synergy, and location determines if a Power conditioner is necessary. 
Shindo makes a nice power conditioner for under 300 usd. If I had to try another one. That would be my choice 

best luck 

I’ve been recommending ZeroSurge for years for high quality surge/rfi protection. Single outlet all the way up to whole house. They’ll even build you a custom device if you want...
Chuck nailed it. Let your ears be the judge. If it sounds the same keep any surge protection for insurance.