Monster Speaker Cables

Any actual users of Monster Cable M2.2S speaker cables can you comment on their sonics.Wondering how they might compare to Canare,Kimber 8tc,pr or vs.Will be used with Vandy 3A's and McIntosh MC 352.
I use Monster 2.4s with my Krell & Infinity equipment(FPB300cx, KCT & Rannaisaince 90 speakers) & they work very well. Extremely clear sounding with good strong bass. I have thought about trying the Anti's as noted above just for the heck of it but I havn't done so yet. I've used other big $ cables and ended up going back to the Monsters. They work very well for me.
Note: The 2.4s are basically the same animal as the 2.2s, just with bi-wire capability.
Good luck, John
I have 2.2s and they work great in my system.

sound stage is huge and precise.

Good cable, just doesn't have the snob factor as with other brands.

I'd be curious to see what's inside the round thingy's at each end of the M2,.2's. I've always heard they are actually nice cables

@denman - take a look at Audio Envy and Zavfino cables - they will provide much better performance and overall better bang for the buck.

You’ll prpobably never look at another cable after trying either of those brands.

Audio Envy is a little more affordable, but still uses great construction methods/materials, resulting is a very high performing cable

Both are better than the Kimber 8tc

If you want to know a little of the science behind a good cable take a look at this link...

Regards - Steve


15 years should be about right for the OP to figure out what to do about speaker cables