Monster Speaker Cables

Any actual users of Monster Cable M2.2S speaker cables can you comment on their sonics.Wondering how they might compare to Canare,Kimber 8tc,pr or vs.Will be used with Vandy 3A's and McIntosh MC 352.

I thought Bruce Brisson (MIT CABLES) designed the early high end Monster cables like the M2.2's, etc. 


Monster Cables are fine for box store components

Unfortunately, Monster cables lack the more current design approaches and are not capable of making any components sound significantly better

But well designed cables will provide a significant boost, even to those box store components, since today’s box store components actually perform much better than most people believe.

E.G. years ago I purchased a $300 mini system

  • the bass was blosted and not well defined
  • imaging was non existent
  • details were distorted
  • adding good a power cable and speaker cables fixed all of those issues and now it performs way above it’s modest price point

Even simply adding a very good power cable to my Bluesound Pulse Mini Speaker had the salesperson at the store wondering what I had done.

Bottom line: regardless of the component, box store or high end hifi, well designed cables can make a significant imrpovement

Personally, I build my own cales from sratch, but if DIY is NOT your thing, then try

  • Audio Envy
  • Zavfino
  • Hijiri - for those high end audiophile components

Regards - Steve

I have to agree. Plus, it does not take $3000.00 cables to make a component sound better (I’m talking most people’s systems, not the ultra expensive $100,000 + systems---thats a world I have no experience in).

I find that Power cables make a big difference. I upgraded my First WATT and PS Audio power cables to ZU Event’s. The positiveresults were due of a more quiet noise floor hat the new cables provided.. I felt more of the "sound" was not being held back due to whatever electrical interference that was happening in my particular room. Sounds seem to come out of NOWHERE vs a slight faint hiss/buzz. I can only imagine what a dedicated, conditioned direct power line could do.