Montana Speakers? Have they fizzled out?

They got a lot of press a few years ago, now their flagships are on Audiogon at a small fraction of their cost.

Not sure what you mean to imply by "fizzled out", but I assume the favorable press they garnered stands firm and holds as true as the magnificent sound of these rock-solid performers.
My whole system builds on the Montana bedrock of a pair of KASs. pair of XPs, custom center, and dual stock centers for rears. Just listened with great glee (moving precariously close to unbridled delight) to the DVHS version of DAY AFTER TOMORROW.
I too have seen the offerings appearing here -- one was for the monumental WAS model -- and can only salivate about having more space, more money and the kind of confidence in sending multiple thousands over the internet (as well as confidence in shipping services successfully delivering 800 lb works of art in pristine condition!) that currently keep those utopian aspirations at bay -- just as well, I really don't need anything else -- not something I ever had occaision to think with other speakers.
In fact, every time I listened to whatever I had before I ended up thinking: have to start all over, speakers ain't making it. Not to mention I don't know how many drivers and amps I blew out trying to get to where I wanted to be -- not here -- as hard as I drive these with 5K watts at hand, they are maintenance free in the years I've owned them -- all I have to think about is how lucky I was to hear them when I did -- no telling how many more thousands lost and even the risk of ending up still dissatisfied but resigned, that I was spared from exposure to this line.

I'm afraid that is all going to sound so rapturous as to make a company affiliation seem suspect -- I assure you there is none, but like the Stereophile writer who reviewed then purchased, this is my Valhalla after endless missteps.
I have never heard their flagship offerings, but I am on my second pair of SP2 Signatures after foolishly selling the first. I have owned speakers from Magnepan, Von Schweikert, Meadowlark, Roman Audio,.....etc..., but none have captured my soul like the Montanas.

Oh my gosh! If all is well with those WAS's for sale, grab them! Grab them now! That's a fantastic price for speakers that are absolutely incredible. I own the WAS's and find them to be smooth throughout the range -- they pick up details and provide slam without beign fatiguing or overwhelming. For whomever has the room for these large and heavy speakers, I urge you to go for them!

This reminds me of those ads where Crazy Harry is having a special weekend sale. Unless something is wrong with those speakers, I'd suggest someone would have to be crazy to sell them at this price ;-)
I agree with Ozzy62 about the Montana SP II's they are
some of the most musical speakers EVER!! I miss mine.
You don't see them that often and for good reason.
If I did not have the Hyperion HPS 938's, that would
be the speaker I would go back to.