Montreal Audio Show - anyone hear the FR30’s?

I heard they made a big splash and received applause but wondering if anyone here had the oppty this weekend to hear them ? 


Ok, I stand corrected on that, thanks. Do they assemble them? I know that each speaker ships in two boxes, the base portion and the upper portion. I assumed that they do not assemble them because the PSA site provides assembly instructions, but I could be wrong about that also (don't think so tho, I think you have to assemble yourself).


Really too bad that they won’t be at Axpona, agree with previous comment.

weird, I was there, a bit tight on time sadly, but I didn't seem them at the show. 

I listened to them last month at PS Audio, in their listening room.

Phenomenal! They deliver more than as advertised. For $30K/pair, they are truly a bargain. Don’t know how long they’ll stay at $30K, though. They truly do set a new bar. Chris totally amazed me!!

For $30K/pair, they are truly a bargain. 

And there, in one sentence, is everything that's wrong with audio.