Last night, listening before I went to bed, I was convinced there was something radically wrong with my system. Nothing sounded good.  This morning I decided to play something I was sure would sound good.  All of a sudden my mood picked up.  Now everything I heard after that was reference sound quality.

I wonder if anyone else has had that kind of mood swing from one day to the next.


No doubt changes in mood, health, etc. can affect one’s sense of hearing along with everything else. As much as we may like to believe we are stable like a rock day in and out, fact is we like other forms of life are not machines, and in fact are quite fragile and highly dynamic organisms subject to constant change. That’s just how it is.  YMMV.

I have noticed that my mood will alter my listening experience. Also, I need the listening room to be in order. My perception definitely affects my mood and session.

Here you have a point! in my post above i had  supposed a relatively stable mood day to day in a stable personnality...

When i went  through a huge depression many years ago, the music and the way i heard it was not normal ...

In this sense then the OP is right and i am wrong ... 😊


No doubt changes in mood, health, etc. can affect one’s sense of hearing

...and yet we think that wires can change sound... they change mood perhaps.

I’ve had this happen and eventually traced it down to Class D amps being off all weekend. They took about 48 hours or more to warm up.  Others have had similar experiences. Not sure if it's all amps, or just ICEpower, but mine for sure.