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I recently purchase a pair of Legacy Signature speakers from an on-line retailer. I purchased them unheard, but I did my due diligence in researching them and I would have thought with the 7" woofers and a rated frequency response of 22-30K hz, there would have been a bit more bass (although there is a couple of tunes I have played where there is some bass that is really deep and sounds all garbled, very weird, but I just won’t listen to those songs,I guess).

I bought floor standers so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle that goes along with setting up subwoofers, also with all the space they take up and the negative WAF that goes along with them.

They are a little bright on the top end, but I’ll blame that on my room, it probably needs more treating, just limited on funds at the moment.

If I thought I needed subwoofers, I'm thinking I might have bought a pair of Fritz bookshelfs and a pair of subs, for probably less than the Sigs.

The price of Legacy subs is over the top for me, so do you think there is any way to get more bass without subs or are there any subs that are a bit smaller, that might do the trick as I am pretty limited on space (and funds as previously mentioned!) Thanks




I would have thought with the 7" woofers and a rated frequency response of 22-30K Hz, there would have been a bit more bass

Mr. Yachts,

You mention that you thought there should be a bit more bass, does this mean that the bass is non-existent or just not as loud as you expected it to be?  What are you trying to achieve, the more balanced bass that happens with classical and acoustic jazz or the chest thumping bass that you get with loud rock?

(although there is a couple of tunes I have played where there is some bass that is really deep and sounds all garbled,

I find this to be a troubling statement. The fact that you have played some songs that reproduced low bass, points a finger at the source material. Not all recordings were recorded well, especially pop/rock recorded prior to 1975 and the better your system the more this becomes apparent, but the fact that it sounded garbled would indicate that there is some kind of malfunction. There are a few things that would explain non-existent bass such as a room nulls, bad source material or out of phase wiring, but not the garbled sound. Is it possible one or more of the 10” drivers is not functioning properly? If you place your finger tips on the cone of each driver and push do they move easily? If there is a scraping sound or the driver does not move at all that would indicate a blown speaker. There also might possibly be a failing component in the crossover.

We have had Whisper, Focus, and Signature on site. I found that the Sigs were more balanced. They had good bass but not overpowering.

This statement leads me to believe that your amp is not part of the problem, but I don’t know if you mentioned to them the garbled tunes?

This tune “Flight of the Cosmic Hippo” by Bela Flack has some very low bass. If you can stream it or find a copy to play, please report back on how it sounded.

Also, the speakers could have accidentally been wired out of phase inside the cabinet by the manufacturer.


Welp, there’s a number of published measurements showing this to be optimistic. As I noted elsehwere, I’ve found a couple of different models shown to be around 2 Ohms for most of the bass. This includes the SE and 20/20. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the statement or the charts?

@erik_squires You have got the measurements for the wrong speaker. You keep bringing up the Focus series. He has the Signature SE. The Signature and Focus are not the same speaker. I don't believe I have ever seen impedance measurements of the Signatures.

Let them break in hundred hours, great way to get great speakers. 

most haven’t a clue. 
first 30-50 hours, if don’t sound good, they sell em.


pAtience.  Break in, placement, 

took me weeks to get the bass I knew was there,   Many nights, moving, toeing, close, far from wall, one speaker in corner, which when sitting has more sound than other on left, which is next to open hallway' stairs, rooms,

mess w them, I would move a couple inches at a time, then sit, listen, 

took me a whe o get it just right, like the baby bears porridge 


recordings also matter, 


great speakers, enjoy!


maybe a small 12” sub, 

first I would tweak and listen.


my speakers took a solid 300 hrs to loosen and open up. 

@navyachts picture speaks a thousand words. is there a way you can add a virtual system with pictures of room and current set up?

That will help with proper recommendations with your current and future setup. 

@mike_in_nc - so how do I go about doing this "Measuring" I once downloaded some room correction software and purchased a microphone off Amazon. I found the whole process beyond me and sent the microphone back. I would need help with this, for sure!

@audiorusty - my apologies, there are two 10" woofer, it's the mid-range that is 7"      There is bass and I'm not looking chest thumping stuff, it just doesn't hit as hard as I would expect. Maybe it's the sealed box that I'm not use to? I will heed some of your other advice and get back to you. Thank you. 

@arcticdeth +1

@audphile1 - yes, working on that. I'm just trying to finish up a major remodel which has led me to tear my rotator cuff, so it hurts to blink at the moment. Going to take a bunch of pain pills and maybe over the weekend, I will try to get that done.