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I recently purchase a pair of Legacy Signature speakers from an on-line retailer. I purchased them unheard, but I did my due diligence in researching them and I would have thought with the 7" woofers and a rated frequency response of 22-30K hz, there would have been a bit more bass (although there is a couple of tunes I have played where there is some bass that is really deep and sounds all garbled, very weird, but I just won’t listen to those songs,I guess).

I bought floor standers so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle that goes along with setting up subwoofers, also with all the space they take up and the negative WAF that goes along with them.

They are a little bright on the top end, but I’ll blame that on my room, it probably needs more treating, just limited on funds at the moment.

If I thought I needed subwoofers, I'm thinking I might have bought a pair of Fritz bookshelfs and a pair of subs, for probably less than the Sigs.

The price of Legacy subs is over the top for me, so do you think there is any way to get more bass without subs or are there any subs that are a bit smaller, that might do the trick as I am pretty limited on space (and funds as previously mentioned!) Thanks




Just chatted with a Coda/Legacy dealer (third party). Please see the posted chat below. They have no problem with the speakers being up against the back wall.

I also moved the speakers out 2 feet and they really didn’t sound much different that 8" off the wall, go figure.

Hello, with regards to a Coda pre & power amp driving Legacy Signature SE, many who have seen my room say I am going to have nothing but trouble acoustically due to numerous factors. Some suggested going active as with the Signature XD. Taking the room out of the equation would the XDs sound as good on SEs with $8K worth of Coda gear?

* Hi, happy to help!

Thanks, I’m sure you’ve heard both

* Yes, we have both all of the Legacy and Coda here. What kind of a room are we looking at? And I assume we’re talking about the 8?

Multifunction room with lots of hard surfaces, lot’s of furniture and no room to pull the speakers out from the wall. 16’ wide 22 feet long slight vaulted ceiling (lengthwise) and yes, I have the 8.
Some say the actives can go right up tight to the back wall, what do you think?
Speakers would be about 6 1/2’ apart. Listening position about 8’ back.
I’ve always preferred separates just not sure if this is the right place to do it

* Both the XD and SE can be placed the same distance from the wall. The internal amp is the difference, and the construction/polar pattern are the same.
A sealed cabinet is always able to go close to the wall, and both the XD and SE are the same sealed cabinet.
An 8 is enough power for a Sig SE. Your room accommodates Focus SE, so if you’re seeking more bass output, you’d want the Focus SE.

OK, thanks for your help.

The dealer recommended the Legacy Fountain sub (at $4235 each, ouch!) or move up to the Focus, which is HUGE, I can barely move the Sigs around now.

I just bought Focus XD three months ago.  Their bass is just out of this world.  Best bass I have ever experienced in my audiophile life for over 30 years.  I had Thiel CS7.2, Revel Salon 2, Alon Exotica with Thunderbolt sub before.  But the Focus XD blew them all away in the bass department.  My room is 25x14 feet with 14 feet vaulted ceiling, and also an opening in the left to the kitchen behind my listening chair.  My room is very similar to yours.  Legacy is famous for great bass.  I am very confused with your situation.  However, XD has an internal amp for the bass.  I use external amps for the mids and highs.  Signature SE should provide plenty of bass even though it doesn't have an internal amps.

My Focus XD is 7.5 feet apart, 7 feet away from back wall and I am sitting about 10 feet from the speakers.  I have Conrad Johnson preamp that inverts phase.  I have to invert phase again at the speaker terminal.  If I didn't do that, bass was absent.  

You don't need break-in.  Bass was awesome from day one.  Signature SE is 4 ohm.  Legacy used to use Coda amps for their demos at shows.  So Coda should not be a problem.  I don't know Coda.  Is it configured to drive 4 ohm?  You said your speakers are only one foot from back wall?  If so, it should have plenty of bass since it is sealed.  

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Been down this road many times…simplified my life and found that truly enjoyable sound isn’t that complicated.  Played around with free trial speakers and discovered that a good Horn/Dynamic speaker design can be insanely addictive.  Two of the best moderately expensive ones I have used and enjoyed immensely are were the JBL 4429’s and the Klipsch Cornwall IV’s.  They delivered smooth, natural and lifelike sound/dynamics without phase issues or bizarre impedance curves.