More Devore vs Proac questions (super 9 vs D30RS)

I did some more listening and have refined my search.  I had the chance to further audition the O93 vs the Super 9.  I found the tweeter on the super 9s far superior and thus the timbre and tone much more desirable.  So although there is a bit of a price differential between the Super 9 and the Proac D30RS ( the 48 is too big for my room) the final decision will be between these two models ( using my Leben cs600 amplifier).  Unfortunately it s impossible to do a head to head comparison locally.  Has anyone been able to do a Proac D30RS vs Devore 9 comparison?
How was the Super 9 bass?  

I have not heard the ProAC D30RS, but what I have heard of the ProAC line they have a much politer presentation than DeVore.

I own the ProAC D30RS the last thing you can say about them that they have polite presentation it’s simply not true they are very natural and neutral and have very deep soundstage and can go very low and punch hard with the bass when needed .In the contrary I read about the Devore that have very good high and mid but are very weak at the lows.
I don't own either and can't really help you directly but I do own a pair of DT-8's and I concur with what itzhak stated about the ProAc bass and sound staging, for that matter there midrange is the best I've heard. I haven't heard the entire ProAc line, I haven't heard any Devore for that matter, but all the ProAc's I have the had the opportunity to listen to I've always felt they have a very natural presentation to the music. I find myself enjoying for hours listening to familiar albums and never get fatigued with the DT-8's.