More news on the Herron Line Stage

Yesterday, I finally got my Dynavector 501 arm lift working again. tt was quite a struggle fot me, and it's not done as well as I'd like it to be, but it works.

The main story here is how much the Herron improved the sound of my analog front end. (Garrard 401, Modwright 9.0 SE Phono Stage with power supply upgrade, Audio Technica ART9 Cartridge). Sarah Vaughn sounded like she was in the room with me. Drums, piano, everything sounded so much more real than ever before.

I thought things might be improved, but not this much. It sounds much better than my digital front end, which I thought sounded pretty wonderful, has been brought down several notches due to the improvent in listening to what makes you think you're listening to real live music.  

I feel very blessed now, I feel I've been rewarded somehow. I really missed my analog front end, and it had me up very late last night/morinng.

Thank you, Self-Santa!





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It was a Modwright 9.0 SE Line Stage, which I bought right from Dan. It had been completely rebuilt.

Interesting comparison and personal anecdote.  I've heard good things about both line stages.

Sebrof, it's one of the first VTSP 3/A 360 Line Stages ever built. In this issue, it has six 6922 tubes, rather than four. I called Keith and asked him about an upgrade, and he said it doesn't need it, so there's no point, as is, it won't be needing one.

I imagine you are quite thrilled with the preformance of your version three.

I felt moderate improvement could be gained by obtaining the VTSP,  but what I got was a massive improvement, I couldn't know was coming.

I am very happy.

 Regards, Dan