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The instructions I read when I recieved mine state that if your into rock,heavy metal you need to bi-amp these speakers. I earlier asked what are people useing successfully with these speakers ,and see nowhere that users are bi-amping. I dont feel Im geting the best out of mine thus the reason for asking for help. Has anyone run a tube amp for the top, and solid state for the bottom. Im considering getting the RM 200 for the top and maybe Belles 150A HR for the bottom. Or Bel Canto for the bottom, or Halo for the bottom. See what I mean? Im not sure ,please advise if you would. Thanks Map1
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I initially ran my VR4's with an Aragon 8008bb on the bottom and Manley Neo-Classic 250 monoblock tube amps on the top.


I now run them with Parasound Halo JC-1's (bi-wired) and an ARC LS25 mk1 with XLR IC's between the pre and amps (XLR connection with these amps is absolutely essential).

This combo is a much better setup than the bi-amp scenario, IMO.
I'm using 2 stereo Cary V12R's and a Mcintosh C2200 pre with great success.Fantastic for Jazz!
You might want to try a pair of Parasound Halo JC-1's. A few of us have tried them with VR4's with great success. I also like the spectron musician II/III on these speakers alot, but I dont think taht is going to get you what YOU want (the liquid midrange was the hint for me). Also, I own the speakers and I do not biamp.
I hope that helps.
I've run in to the exact problem with my VR4 Gen III SE's. That is I have not been able to get that full, rich tonality. However, everything about this speaker makes me keep trying (I really love them).

One of my favorite amps to date on these speakers is the Levinson 334. I sold it for a pair of Electrocompaniet solid state mono blocks, that a dealer said would be great match. Well, like a dummy, I took his word and bought it (hook, line, sinker and all). Needless to say, it never worked out.

I then jumped into some tube amps. I purchased a pair of Quicksilver mono blocks. Beautiful midrange, top end, stage, etc...BUT NO BASS. Sold that one too!

I know have an Audio Aero Capitole stereo tube amplifier. Great amp, but I still don't have exactly what I'm looking for. However, it's brand new, so I'm going to give it about a month or so to break in, before I jump again.

Now, getting around to my point (finally)! A friend loaned me an Audio Research VT100 (Mk I vintage) to listen to until I received my current amp. It didn't do alot of those "audiophile things", but, and I do mean but, it made music. Big, rich, full bodied, tap your foot, get up and dance in a dark room alone kind of music. For some reason, I see a bunch of VT100 Mk III's for sale (I've been told they don't have that tubey richness that the Mk I did).

Needless to say I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a Mk II now.
I hope this gives you an idea. Go find one, and try it (Mk I or II).

Oh, by the way, I did try biamping with the Quicksilver on top, and a stereo Bryston on the bottom. Lots, and lots of bass...too much. Way too much.

Good luck.
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