More wall receptacles or power distributor?

I have a dedicated 240V line with an Oyaide R1 receptacle for my Linn Klimax Pre and power amp. Now I just upgraded to a pair of Klimax mono amps, so I need an extra electric power outlet which I do not have, wondering if it is better to hire an electrician to add a R1 receptacle to the 240 line, or buy and add a power distributor/power conditioner to gain more outlets?

By the way, I have tried several power distributors and conditioners before, I always feel there were dynamic loss by not pluging the power amps directly to the wall. I would generally prefer not to do so, however, I do not know if there would be similar loss if I split the 240V line for 2 receptacles?

I would very much appreciate your suggestion!
Btw, love your home and decorating. The system installation is amazing. Love the look. Good job.
Hi Fifanatic,

I just ordered another Oyaide R1 receptacle, I will have a electrician to install it for me next week.

My system is in my living room, so I would like to keep it simple. I am quite happy with the sound too. Thank you for your nice comments.