Morning music, a little night music?

Dunhill, purveyors of fine tobaccos, seem to have a pipe blend for every period of the day: "Early Morning Pipe", "Golden Hours" and "Nightcap" are three I remember from way back, having given up the pipe some twenty years ago. Whether anyone abides by what appears to be an indication of the time of day at which each of these blends should be enjoyed, I can't say. Along those lines, I was wondering if people think there is such a thing as early morning music (in place and stead of the traffic report, interspersed by bad music and even worst chat most cities seem to be afflicted with) and some kind of nightcap, for when the house is quiet and the rest of the family has turned in.
Absolutely! Of course, what constitutes morning or "nightcap" music might be different for each of us. I can't imagine waking up to Coltrane's "A Love Supreme", but definitely to his "Ballads" album. I love to wake up to just about any Mozart or Bach and maybe Beethoven piano sonatas or some Wayne Shorter or Miles to get ready for bed. Of course the problem with waking to real music is that you would have trouble getting out of bed; nothing like bad music to make me want to get the hell out of a place.