Morrow Audio re-design announcement: No more Ag coated Cu; Increased numbers of runs.

Just got a notice in my Email about this. Seems like the new design went into production in June. It does have me scratching my head a bit. I’m wondering if any Morrow Audio cable users (old or new design) have comments. The link will take you to the announcement that provides details on the new cable design including instructions for determining whether someone has received old or new design cables.

Get over yourselves......16 months ago I paid $360. for my MA5s with Eichmans ( about 40 % off ). I trade them in and buy the new ones, at 60 % off ( $240 ). I have now invested $600., which is full retail. Not interested ! Move on. I am a big boy and will do as I please. Talking about lunacy, comparing this to a car purchase or a motorcycle purchase is complete lunacy. Thank you, Enjoy ! MrD.
I've ordered my sp6 upgraded version and next will be ma6 and ph6 when their available.
Actually hospitals are starting to use high end power cords and line conditioners in some applications in the operating room, Shunyata is actually opening a new branch of manufacturing just for this very reason. Some of Shunyatas new adds now feature testimonials from doctors who use their products. Look it up. 
Are surgery patients listening to Diana Krall or Beethoven while under anesthesia? Do they have to pay extra for that? Do they get paid to listen?