morrow ma1 interconnect

This is a review of this low budget interconnect. The Morrow MA1 is one of the worst peace of junk i ever heard! Sorry to say it but it’s the truth. And, all that about the burn in process is nonesense. I believe in burn-in, but these cables don’t. I sit down to listen to them after 120 hours and they sounded terribly thin, lightweight and bright. These cables do not have any body at all in the vocals and no weight in the low frequencies. Even the highs sounded very thin. They did not change much after 600 hours!!!! All that compared to my budget interconnect king Atlas Equator MKII. I returned them for a full refund. Very annoying sound and a big disappointment.
Noisebilly - Your MA 1 interconnects review would be more helpful if you listed the equipment you were using with them.  Satisfaction with cabling of all sorts is system dependent.  Because you weren't happy with the MA-1s doesn't mean they won't work well in another system.  Don't think your unhappiness with them makes them junk, either.  By the way, 600 hours of burn in playing them 24/7 would be 25 days straight.  Since you joined A'gon on the 23rd of Jan this year, I'm thinking  you bought the ICs well before joining??  Just curious.  Glad Morrow has a return policy.    (Disclaimer - I have no business interest in Morrow Audio)
I do not believe in system synergy, much. It is just an excuse for a bad component. Like, if a cable sounds terrible, blame it on synergy. No. A decent, well designed cable should perform decent in most systems. My Atlas Equator MKII is also a budget cable. So the Morrow MA1 couldn't even compete with a cable that is actually cheaper. They say that they beat much pricier models from top brands. No way. The Atlas cable is a neutral sounding cable. It is not the cable that you would call full-bodied. Not at all. The Morrow cable sounded extremely bright, thin and light compared to a cable that is close to neutral and not a heavy sounding cable.
I have two pair of the Morrow Audio MA1's that were gifted to me a few years ago. They are not ultra high end cables, nor are they marketed that way. They are the bottom of the cable line for Morrow. I'm using them in my very modest bedroom system with good results.