Morrow MA3 interconnects

I have recently been using Morrow MA3 interconnects. I really like the top end of what the cables bring to the table however It does not bring in the bass,,, a like a more authoritative sound. Any suggestions of what I can try that has the best of both worlds. I buy used and my budget is around 300.00. Thanks
I use the MA3's as well and I do not find the Bass to be lacking in any way. I would suggest that you look at your components maybe the pre-amp or usable frequency response of your drivers.
Tell us about your stereo we need a little more information to give you better advice.
How many hours of break-in? Mike Morrow has stated that the bass is the last thing to settle in.... have you reached the 400 hour mark yet?
I just ordered MA2 myself, and lean bass is the last thing I'm longing for... keep us posted.
The reason I use the MA3 is because it has the best bass Iv'e heard in my set up its deep, powerful and extended! As stated above it does take up to 350 to 400 hrs to fill in, top to bottom the MA3 is hard to beat!
That is odd. Different systems I guess. I found happiness in my system with the MA2 interconnects, I returned the MA3's for a different reason, but I felt they had the best bass of any interconnect I had tried.