Mosfet mist?


I have read several articles on the sonics of mosfet amps to include Adcom,B&K,Counterpoint,Perreaux,etc. What exactly is mosfet mist and how would one know what to listen for. Are some amps more prone to this mist than others? I have a Perreaux 1150B doing woofer duty on a pair of Focal 706s spkrs(A modified Parasound 1000A on top)How would say the 1150B compare with a B&K in relation. Thanks.
Ok I get it. Nothing more than a twist of words. Just thought I would ask. Thanks and enjoy your mosfets : )
There is nothing wrong with mosfets, many Conrad Johnson amps used them. Their rugged and require less circuitry than bipolars plus their tauted as sounding tube-like. Some of the best sounding amps I have heard use them. I could never identify the elusive mosfet mist. Maybe I heard it but it never got in the way of the music.
what do they call a fog over italy ????

a bigamist.

as to mosfets, it's all in the design. odd order harmonics are an important consideration to the sound of a ss amp.

i would conjecture that all mosfet amps do not sound the same, so don't be too concerned. listen and decide if you like the amp, not its component parts.