Most achingly-beautiful music

Ultimately, we listen to music to be moved, for example, to be elated, exulted, calmed or pained. Which are the 3 most affecting pieces of music do you find the most affecting?
Slipknot you may want to check out Jacqueline Dupre's version on EMI Mfg's Catalog # 47614
Highly Recommended!
gotta second mozart's k.466 piano concert #20 D minor. My favorite Mozart work and up with my favorite songs of all time. All three movements are amazing, but how he weaves and builds everything to a climax in the development leading to the recap is just goosebump city for me. I know what's coming, but it still bowls me over.

Nobody sounds as "perfect" as mozart to me. I don't know what perfect means in regards to music, but after hearing his songs I just think "perfect" !!!
There are too many to mention but I'll name 3 that come to mind because of the way the music moves me. Mary Chapin Carerpenter's "John Doe no. 24" from the "Stones in The Road CD", Diana Krall's rendition of Joni Mitchell's "Case Of You" from "Live In Paris", and some of the music from the soundtrack of the Ken Burns film "Lewis and Clark".
Solveig's Song on The Very Best of Lucia Popp (EMI Classics double CD). Whenever I play that for someone they are quiet for a few moments before saying that it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music they ever heard. Popp to me has hands down the most beautiful voice of any Soprano on record, and these 2 CD's should be in the collection of everyone who loves the female voice.