Most achingly-beautiful music

Ultimately, we listen to music to be moved, for example, to be elated, exulted, calmed or pained. Which are the 3 most affecting pieces of music do you find the most affecting?
If it's Ashkenazy, it's likely the London/Decca label. You're right, that is a beautiful piece.
Dsied & RcPrince,
I went back and checked on the Ashkenazy recording on CD information:
Beethoven Piano Concerto #'s 5 & 2 -Vladimir Ashkenaazy -
Sir George Solti conducting Chicago Symphony Orchestra CD on London # 417703-2
Jacques Brel's "Ne Me Quitte Pas"

Emphasis on the "ache." The lyrics transcend anything I've ever heard in English, and I can't even *quite* understand all of them (not a native speaker). Simply ineffably wrenching. Although of course absolutely beautiful as well.