Most annoying song, period.

Sorry if I'm replicating a thread.    I've been wanting to say this for years:  Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up.  What's yours?
@richopp, why would I want my audio system to explode? I realize that all of us who've contributed to this thread are gluttons for punishment for having to be reminded of these god awful songs; but, blowing up my audio system is a bridge too far.
@mwinkc, something tells me that you can appreciate how painful it was for me to dredge that song out of my memory bank. A friend told me that he remembers Wal - Mart using that song in a TV commercial; but, I have no memory of that. So, both of our memory suppression systems must be working pretty good. Sorry if the memory of that song was painful for you too.
Alright,I'm going way back into the Rocky Santoro archives for this stinker, "Watching Scotty Grow" by Bobby Goldsboro.  Yuck!
@mitchagain You are so right!  Sorry that I went that far, but bad is bad, so maybe just turn it off and smash the recording to bits and recycle the cover AND the bits to make sure this never surfaces again.

Mea culpa!



PS  Upon further "Direct-Reflection," there ARE systems that maybe should be destroyed...possibly blowing them up is a bit extreme, but one never knows, right?  I could name some names (Bose) but will refrain for now...

@richopp, no apology necessary as I was just teasing; however, thanks for the laugh. God knows this thread has provided plenty of those, which is always needed.

It's funny that you should mention "smashing the recording." One of my fondest musical memories was smashing a disco album to pieces and then reassembling the broken pieces on the wall as part of a record store promotion. I felt like a kid at Christmas as I sat in the floor of the record store and smashed that album. I even drew a small crowd that cheered me on. It obviously didn't rival the disco demolition at the White Sox vs Tigers game in Comiskey Park; but, it was still very fun and emotionally satisfying.