most articulate speaker

by design, would the most articulate type of speaker for massed strings and choral music be an electrostatic? I listen more and more to this type of music and am wondering if electrostatics are the way to go.
If that is your main type of music you'll be listening to,a Quad may do all you need.They are great speakers.They may compliment it.
Newbee followed up my comment quite...well...articulately! Yes, a horn or dynamic driver, given a proper setup with the rest of the system, has always occurred to me as more resolving and detail-oriented..better at defining positions in space and individual 'voices', than electrostats or panels (with equal regard to their accompanying components). That's not to say the latter can sound outstanding with your selection of music, but when you say "articulate" I would not think of panel speakers.
What then does an electrostatic do best? Is it more coherent sounding than horns or dynamic drivers? ..i.e., sound almost seamless? I'm not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand why electrostatics are worshipped by some.
Stats and ribbons....then horns. I don't agree with Newbee....monopole cones interact with the room much more than dipole stat/planer type speakers do. (this is the reason monopole cone subwoofer setup gives many people fits).

Please allow me to make a recommendation for the Gallo Reference 3.1 - they are lightning fast, have incredibly good dispersion characteristics, and present a benign load to the amp. A very nice, used, pair can be had here for right around $1700. Read all the reviews, these are seriously good speakers...