most beautiful (looking) speakers

yes no


I started dating this (in my eyes) very beautiful woman. I felt she could be the one. The 1st time she came to my place she decided to make comments. Off the top of her head.... 1.) You put on a little weight there, honey. 2.) Those are the gaudiest speakers I have ever seen. (She never heard them or wanted to) Needless to say the speakers are still in my house. Somewhat funny...she is not.

+1 @bdp24

"To be heard, not seen" and/or "To be seen, not heard?"

2 peas in different pods

An audiophile without an audiophilly is a single happy man?

From what I've seen in person the Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus sea shells are absolutely gorgeous, as are most of Sonus faber speakers.