most beautiful (looking) speakers

yes no



"hard to divorce the looks of speakers from their reputation"

yes and reputation comes from the quality

with industrial design, function comes first and that defines design. We are not talking about pretty boxes, it's about what they do. I get goosebumps when I see a gorgeous speaker and I want to HEAR it!

"thank you, I too love Danish design! but what is it doing in the garage? :)" 

- @grislybutter 

Being built, by hand, one at a time...


According to Dynaudio, "This is where Heritage Special takes shape. Literally. It isn’t a photo-set, carefully dressed to look like a factory. It’s a factory, left as it is, with a finished Heritage Special left on the bench after Martin went home (he didn’t want us distracting him with cameras while he worked)."

I appreciate exotic looks in speakers, but I also love old school veneered boxes, and I've always thought that those Heritage Dynaudios are beautiful. 

Estelon Extreme’s look super cool but as Roxy said, I much prefer classic old school box speakers. Proac Studio 3’s are my favorite….simply gorgeous.

Woe betide you if you disagree when she speaks.

No, all seriousness aside.

Eminent technology LFT-8a ribbon speakers

Eminent Technology LFT8 Bravo

No really all seriousness aside.

Treepod White - Devialet

Devialet Silver. Get the Silver. It's not as loud as the Gold but the sound is more refined.