most beautiful (looking) speakers

yes no



I have the 5s. I absolutely love them. I like the way they look, I just think they have  the ultimate pure functional look with no time wasted on design details. So they are simple and beautiful in the same time, so British, so much fun to listen to!

"Proud owner of Davone Solo here. But it is the same with a lot of the option that are posted here; love it, or hate it. I'm in love, also with the sound signature"


yes, yes, yes. the Davone stuff is gorgeous. Love the solo. I just took a spin through their site - the Meander? Wow. 

Manogolf, yes, I heard those Alta's. They were in at least 2 different rooms. I can't remember the equipment driving them, but there was a black pair that didn't sound as good as the woodgrain pair in another room. The bass was unbelievable. I could not believe there wasn't a sub or 2 in the room. The mid and top end were stellar too. I was simply blown away as was my audiophile cousin. I'm not crazy about the shape and overall look of them but the sound was amazing. If I had the dough I'd really consider a pair.  I did take a lot of photos of most of the rooms and some video. When I figure out how to attach them here from my Galaxy phone, I will.