Most Beautiful Receiver / Integrated - Ever was... ?

Time for what I hope is another fun thread. Please include links if you can.

I'm curious to everyone what you think the hottest/sexiest most interesting integrated or receiver ever was. For me, brands like these would probably be in the running:

  • Carver
  • Kyocera
  • Tandberg
  • Revox (old)

It didn't have to work, or sound good. Just had to do it for you in the looks department.
I loved the looks and sound of the Tandberg 2080 receiver I owned for a long time, sold it to a musician who appreciated it's "warm" sound.

In 1979 my wife and I took a Scandanavian vacation, with a visit to the Tandberg factory.  Some of the nicest people you'd ever meet.
In the early 70s I owned the Kenwood stack. Many a night were spent with friends gazing at the KC-6060's scope show with the Grateful Dead and Fever Tree. 
I found a set here: 
but the photo doesn't do it justice. 
The brass was much more Marantz 22 series tone. I'd buy that tuner again!

Erik I loved the rosewood encased TR2075 and TR2080,I owned a Yamaha CR1020 but I wanted a 2020 love that slide rule dial pointer.
I lusted after Mac and many of the Samsun and Marantz stuff for years. But for real beauty, I had an Olsen tuner and an amp. This was all my parents would let me spend. They did have the thinnest wood cabinetry I have ever seen. Had to use them until I built a Dynaco SCA80Q at college, and then moved up. No money then but all the time, all the money now but no time.

This thread makes me realize what really tremendous equipment has been built over the years. How did we all decide which to use....a question probably at the heart of any audiophile disagreements, i.e. Why did you chose a component, and, be honest, how much did the look and not the sound influence your choice.
I still listen to Classical music 5-6 hours a day 24/7/365 .

If  i'm sitting there listening to beauty I damn sure ain't going to be looking at ugly !