Most beautiful turntable under $5k

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but thought this might be a fun topic. Obviously the most important thing about audio gear is how it sounds, but I find some of it truly beautiful to look at too, particularly turntables, which almost by necessity are best placed somewhere on display. Some days I love the simplicity of something like the Clearaudio Concept Wood (particularly the dark wood)….other days the “audio jewelry” appearance of EAT or VPI. My personal vote, however, would go to the Gold Note Pianosa. For me it has a timeless beauty and elegance that’s never over the top. I can’t imagine ever tiring of looking at in and think it would look great with a wide array of decor.

What would be your personal choice for most beautiful turntable under $5k? What about cost-no-object options?


Another vote for Gold Note. The Mediterraneo is visually beautiful, and the sonics are excellent.  I have not heard the Giglio or Pianosa though.



OK, that is a seriously beautiful turntable, particularly with the top down. I looked at some close ups and the fit and finish isn’t overwhelming. Kind of like a Hollywood star… drop dead gorgeous at a distance.


In the past what a turntable looks like hadn’t really entered the picture for me. But over the last few years I started enjoying good looking equipment. My Sonus Faber Amati speakers in violin red. I may have chosen my Linn LP 12 a bit for it’s simple elegance… and it sounds great.




I probably should have expected all the votes for vintage tables, but honestly didn’t.  Glad to check out a few that were off my radar and be reminded of the beauty with some of the classics as well.  I have definitely had my eye on that MoFi/Fender…it was on my shortlist for sure. Those SAM turntables, @miketuason, look awesome in a steam-punk kind of way that make me wonder if I’d be cool enough to have one. Had never heard of them before and no idea how the SAM sounds, but it’s definitely beautiful artwork and way cheaper than I expected upon first seeing a photo. If I didn’t have a toddler, that’s one I’d love to have on display in the living room or home office to just stare at even if it doesn’t sound great. The aforementioned toddler has me in a holding pattern, but when he’s old enough I look forward to moving my VPI Nomad into the living room for the whole family and upgrading to something great for my office system…until then I just get to look so thanks for all the eye candy you guys have shared.

I have 2 toddlers and know exactly what you mean.

That’s why I ditched my Thorens and Mag Lev that didn’t get much use because of the situation - instead got the 1200G that is living and breathing in my living room and gets lots of use now due to it’s neat design. I simply close the lid while playing when they run around, lot’s of fun on listening and dancing for them as well. The best feature: I use small load strap to keep the lid locked when not listening so they can’t stick their hands between to touch the tonearm and cartridge, I put the clamp on the other side of the table where they can’t reach - takes me 5 seconds to release it and stow aside the table and I am ready to play vinyl again. The solution is elegant, toddler safe yet a pure good looking hi-fi table :)

The Transcriptors Skeleton Turntable by a mile. It was a terrible turntable. I should know. I bought one. It taught me to close my eyes when purchasing audio gear.