Most beautiful violin recording you have heard

What is the most achingly beautiful violin recording you have ever heard. Include violin-piano recordings if you like
I agree with Rcprince, the Bach Partita No. 2. Very moving.

BTW, does anyone know the name of the piece used in Young Frankenstein to woo the monster?
Maybe not the most beautiful, but I like Carmen Fantasy and others works by Pablo Sarasate.
In addtition to some of the recordings mentioned above, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have is a budget EMI recording of Vaughan Williams "The Lark Ascending" with David Nolan on the violin. A very moving piece of music, and done wonderfully by the London Philharmonic.
Thanks everyone. There are some great suggestions listed. I have already purchased two of the suggestions. Rivercitylad
Hey all:

The Young Frankenstein piece is "A Transylvania Lullaby" by John Morris, apparently written for the film. Available on the soundtrack, of course, but also on "Devil's Dance" by Gil Shaham and Jonathan Feldman (DG 463 483-2).