Most expencive stereo ever

Just curious, has anyone ever sought out all the most expencive gear on the planet and gotten a price tag on what a system would cost?

Lets say it has to do 7.1 HT duty as well as 2 channel and vinyl, just to keep the total price astronomically high. I think it would be kinda fun to see what kind of price tag can be possible for a stereo system.

Im pretty sure the amps would be the Wavac Monoblocks for $350,000 a pair.

I know speakers can get up to a couple hundred thousand a pair, but im not sure which brands hold the Uber-high price gear. Ive seen cables for 10k, turntables for close to 100k.

So, what are the most expencive of the Uber-priced?

I dont think there are any amps more than 350k, so how about CD transport, DVD transport, DACS, PRE, Cabling, Projector, Screen, Turntable, Stands, tweaks, etc etc?

List the most expencive gear you have ever heard of that is still in production or avaiable to be produced.

So far we have the amplification,
Wavac Monoblocks, 350,000 a pair,

Total Amplification = $1,225,000.00 (+ $80k sales tax)

Lets see how insane this can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slappy, wanna go to Egypt ?
We could maybe help setup the rest of that Kharma 5.1 system with the two subs mentioned by Rives.
At least we might get to hear them *before* we're asked to stand outside in front of *the wall*
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Years ago I've heard about a pre-amp, built by Dynaudio, it was battery powered and cost about
350000Deutsch Marks (at the time ca 200k$)
which everybody who heard it claimed to be the best.
Only made 2: one for themselves and one went to a german hifi mag as their reference system and test rig
as it allowed for absolute levelling (every tested piece plays at exactly the same volume).
Suppose for 7.1 you'd need three of 'em, thats 600k
for the pre-amp!