Most Expensive Headphones In The World

We explore a number of the most exceptionally pricey headphones available in the world today

While the headphones we have on our list are certainly expensive, they are aspirational – for us and their makers. Manufacturers often produce these flagship models to test their own limits by engineering and designing truly unique and exceptional products. They serve as a showcase for innovation and showing the rest of the world what’s possible.



Given the Focal are $120,000… the $9,000 must be a misprint.

If I win the lottery… well, no… I still would not buy any jewel encrusted headphones.

The Ultrasonde Edition 10 are really nice looking and we’re only $3K. I used to use my Edition 8 for travel… very efficient and great sounding.


I think it’s silly to lump together the ridiculous jewel encrusted ones with headphones that represent an earnest all-out-assault on state of the art sound quality. Different markets, different use cases. Also many recent (and earnest) flagships are conspicuously absent from this list, like HiFiMan Shangri-La, Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium, Stax SR-X9000, and Warwick Aperio.