Most Extensive State-of-the-Art DAC Survey Ever!



So bring those DAC's over to my house and let me hear them with my equipment, otherwise who cares?

The Terminator + is my end all dac ,my brother has a $35k DCS Rosinni 

and it’s s noticeably better but not as much as you would think maybe 5-10% at best and not even that in some areas , for $6400 a steal I had it in j6 system for 2 days , andI have tried many name brand dacs ,imo betterthen the chord Dave 

which has gobs of detail ,even more so but not as smooth sounding .

Spot on the analysis for those covered, however, some serious contenders were absent, like Ideon, EMM Labs and Ypsilon. 

@soix , personally an Elise that was in loving hands and maintenance...

Lotto tix that counts, an Exige with a Hartley V8...only one issue for that, tho'

I can do without that which doesn't tempt. ;)

YOMV...have a great holiday, J