Most helpful audio companies

I don't think I saw this thread before, if it already exists: cover my head with ashes.

A few days ago I spit my gall at Vibex as one of the most customer unfriendly companies I have ever encountered. (I consider not giving any information on the products the epitome of customer unfriendliness; meanwhile, even the Austrian/German distributor admitted that Vibex never tells them anything and never will). And whilst I am at it, allow me to lambast Wireworld and Audio Physic as well.

More importantly, though, why not reward the guys that will bend over backwards to try and help their customers, by which I don't mean attempting to sell their products but genuinely give advice (which may mean advice not to purchase one or the other product) and let us share their knowledge and experience. Keeping to manufacturers only, my nominees are:

Tidal Audio (Joern Janczak and Lothar Braeun)
Audioplan (Thomas Kuehn)
AMR (Vince Luke)
VooDoo Cable (Bruce Richardson)
PS Audio (Paul McGowan)
Townshend (Max and Sue Townshend)

Alright then, here are a few non-manufacturers as well (non-exhaustive!): special thanks to Tomasso Piemontese, Alex Loth, Albert Porter, Ed Doggen, John Potis et al.

Three cheers to all of them!

i'd like to add Kevin Hayes of VAC to this list... WOW, amazing commitment to his product and customers. he's certainly among the very best i've dealt with.
Ayre , there service is peachy . A.R.C. service is pretty good to . You find out who your friends are when there's a problem .
"You find out who your friends are when there's a problem."

There's a lot of truth in that statement.
I have nothing but praise for Bryston. I've spoken to the guys in Canada over the phone several times, and they've been outstanding. The US guys are great too. James Tanner (part owner/VP) and Mike Pickett (designer) are truly classy guys who love audio and their gear.
Most helpful audio companies are those whose equipment I don't want to buy - they save me a lot of money.