Most musical and grainless Holland Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88?

Much has been written about Amperex 6DJ8 valves, however, it is frustrating and most time consuming to slog through the various forum posts. Here I am interested in a summary of evaluations with regard to getter style (D, Halo, Dimpled with single post or A-frame), labeling (Bugle Boy, Orange Globe, Treble Clef, etc) and year of manufacture. 6DJ8/ECC88 only, please, not the 7308 or other forms. Also, kindly spare us lectures about "best" and "depends on your equipment and ears." These qualifications are by now well understood. What is musical? Accurate, articulate, harmonically saturated... but mostly the sense of all the salient elements coming together to form a transparent and satisfying, grainless whole. My specific application is the output stage of a R2R DAC. Lastly, I am only interested in opinions occasioned by actual comparative experience with the Amperex 6DJ8 iterations. Should you take the time to contribute, you have my gratitude.

I made a recent purchase from Brent Jesse for new old stock original Amperex Holland made 6DJ8 tubes from the 60's. They have the same Heerlen, Holland factory code mark as his more expensive offerings.

These are in my CJ 17LS2 preamp and replaced Phillips 6922s.  I can definitely tell a difference; there is more detail and sheen to the cymbals with less "hash". I think there is more body to the piano. Also, I had been hearing a slight sibilance with my speakers and it appears the tubes are more able to resolve it. Still there but more defined. 

I told Brent I was on a budget and asked what would be an improvement over the 6DJ8's for sonics without regard for appearance. He pointed towards 6922 1960's gold pin Holland components assembled in BEL India in Amperex owned factory. 

I am not a Brent Jesse fan boy but this is my third purchase from him and the sonics have been as advertised. Most definitely a better experience than taking an eBay chance.

Thanks for listening,


If it must be 6DJ8, then Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 early 60’s white label, non Bugle Boy.
Better sonics and low noise is Amperex 6922 PQ gold pins, early 1960’s, Heerlen.