Most organic / real / analogue sounding DAC (ideally with Volume Control) for $1500??????

I’d say I’m completely jaded with digital Hifi.   All sounds so thin & clinical.

I people raving about Benchmark DACs & Chord Mojos etc. They sound like hell to me.   Nothing at all like real live voices & instruments.

I’ve been reading about R2R Ladders & NOS.   The descriptions match what I’m looking for.   I want natural sound that makes me forget about Hifi & just listen to the music.
like Reel to Reel without the faff.

Lifelike is my aim, but I certainly prefer a warm, dark sound over clinical.

Don't need a load of inputs.  Only need 2 or 3.
I don’t have any analog sources, so prefer the DAC to have Volume Control to eliminate the need for a Pre Amp.   However, if the best sounding DACs don’t have Volume Control & there are clear sonic benefits to having a Preamp, then I could be persuaded.

I’m in UK btw, so need brands that ship to UK.

Suggestions please?


Most organic / real / analogue sounding DAC (ideally with Volume Control) for $1500??????
If you want  organic / real / analogue sounding, find a used "good reviewed" R2R dac with with volume control ability.

Cheers George    
Another vote for the Ayre QB-9.  It still holds it's own against much pricier DACs.
MYTEK Brooklyn DAC +
It’s a digital/analog preamp and DAC. 
It also has a phono stage with MC and MM loading options. 
Also, if you stream Audirvana or Roon the apps control the volume NATIVELY on the preamp via your device. I don’t know of many other integrated digital front ends that do that. I bought one for about $1700 brand new from the North American MYTEK distributor in NY. 
As far as the sound goes. It really depends on the rest of your system. I’m sure if you used it to feed a SET amp and a pair of Klipsch Heresys it would sound plenty analog. 
I’ve been living with this DAC for a while and I’m well happy with it. 
Thanks for all the suggestions.  Some interesting stuff, which I will refer back to.

I’ve ordered a Denafrips Ares 2.   No Volume Control, but I’m hearing good things about them.   

I’ll be trying as many Pre Amps as I can get my hands on.