Most overlooked LPs in the last 20 years

I thought this would be a good conversation starter. Try to keep the sonic aspect out of it, just a purely musical basis would be preferred. I'm going to limit my choice to (one) right now which I'm currently listening to, The Pretenders "Last of the Independents".
Because it had a hit single doesn't mean it is well known. Can we at least agree on that? If I was to say, I want to hear, "I'm a Mother", would any -ucking body know what I'm talking about?! ON THIS LP, THEY WERE OVERLOOKEED1
Your last sentence reminds us all of what I was trying to say all along. To quote you, "They Were Overlooked", exactly! So, what is your point? You are saying exactly what I am saying.
Stellar idea! Post a thread with a seemingly conflicting title and content, wait for someone to respond and then attack them!

Maybe a valium would help?
Slaw, you need a little thicker skin if you are going to continue posting on Public forums.
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