Most powerful fluid for record cleaning machine ?

Just purchased a Loricraft PRC-3. What is the most effective cleaning fluid at the moment ?
A big second for Paul Frumkin's Audio Intelligent two step cleaning products. Best I have used...
I agree with the loyal Paul Frumkin fan club, being a charter member, myself. Especially fine for rejuvenating those relatively hopeless tag sale records we all run across.
Another satisfied AIVS user. To find it, search on the Audiogon home page by "Audio Intelligent." Dave
I have no experience with the AIVS fluid mentioned by several others above, but for years I have made my own "home brew" cleaning fluid for use with my Nitty Gritty cleaning machine. If you're on a budget, you might make up a batch of my formula and try it -- and then if you are not satisfied, by all means check out AIVS.

Here's how I've made the solution to clean my LP's for the past 25 years:

1. Get a gallon of distilled water, and empty one pint from the bottle (to make room to add the next fluid).

2. Add one pint of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol to the water. (Do NOT use rubbing / denatured alcohol -- use only 99% pure isopropyl, which you can buy in many drug stores.)

3. Place 10-12 drops of a surfactant to the solution (you can buy surfactant at a chemical supply house, or simply use a good quality liquid dish detergent).

There will inevitably be some of our forum readers who will disagree with the use of alcohol-based solutions for cleaning LP's, but based on my own empirical experience I have never had any damage done to my records, and I am still enjoying them after many years.

The last step I recommend is to treat your LP's with LAST record preservative after you clean them.
On our PRC-3 we use:

1. Micro-Care Premier + Loricraft brush
2. RRL Deep Cleaner + DD brush (very important)
3. RRL Vinyl Wash + DD brush #2

Play and inspect sonics and stylus for evidence of cleanliness or otherwise. If additional cleaning is indicated (maybe 30% of all records):

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, scrubbing harder

If still further cleaning is indicated:

5. Smart Developments foaming cleaner and/or AIVS, depending on a (mostly uninformed) guess as to what's still on this stupid record.

AIVS cleans well IME, but the samples I have will not rinse thoroughly. I'm apparently one of the few having that problem, so Paul Frumkin is sending new samples. I'm hoping they rinse as well as everyone else's seems to.

Congrats on the Loricraft, it's a fine machine.
In addition to the AIVS, Paul Frumkin is now starting to sell ultra-pure water to use as a third step following the application of the enzymatic solution and the super cleaner formula. The ultra-pure water may be useful too for a final rinse after the DD cleanser and rinse routine.

This one is easy. Dilute isopropyl alcohol (from your drugstore) with distilled water so that you end up with a solution that is 25-30 percent isopropyl alcohol with the remainder distilled water. You must also add a small amount of Photoflow (available at your local photo shop) as a surfactant to help the solution spread over your vinyl. I have never purchased any of the designer-brand solutions because this solution has been effective at cleaning thousands of records over the last decade.
Krusty2K, I was using your exact formula for years and thought my records were as clean and good-sounding as they could get. That was until I tried AIVS.
I've had the same experience that Doug Deacon has with AIVS, it leaves a film behind. I tried cleaning it off with distilled water, but it didn't cut it. I found that RRL SVW cleans it off after a few rinse/vacume cycles. Until then, it reduced dynamics, with my system resolution/to my ears.

As for me, I will continue to use RRL because I don't have to go through all the extra steps and it doesn't leave a sonic signature.
No film or residue here, so something is obviously wrong. Wonder what it is.
I have a shelf full of record cleaning products. Music Direct is one of my regular stops and I have tried every record cleaning supply they sell. Nothing works as good as the AIVS. Nothing.
I'm just sharing my personal experience. There was a residue left behind with the AIVS that I can hear. RRL cuts it, but it takes several rinses. DD also left a film and required multiple rinses too, which is why I chose not to use it. I want to listen, not clean. Have you noticed the residue/sonic signature with DD?
I have purchased several new records that have lots of surface noise. The copy of Dire Staits Love over Gold had pops and clicks all through both sides of the LP. I used RR deep cleaner and rinse 2 or 3 times without getting satisfactory results. I came accross Paul's offer for free samples and knew exactly how to test it. After one treatment with the AIVS, I now have an outstanding copy. The pops and ticks are almost completly gone. The highs are better, and the record is one of my favs. If someone else does not get the correct results, Paul will help you fiqure it out.
I have to stongly recommend AIVS too. It spanked RRL, something I did not think would happen. I've had no problems at all with AIVS.

I like it!

I'm using the AIVS system with no distilled or ultra-pure water rinse.

After reading some posts on the Vinyl Asylum from individuals stating that they were getting "foaming" when doing a rinse after using the cleaner solution I got concerned. You certainly don't want any residue remaining on the record.

I've repeatedly tried a ultra-pure water rinse with a fresh brush following the cleaner step and not once have I gotten any foam or indication that there is any residue remaining on the vinyl. One thing I am doing is vacuuming a LOT - 6-8 revolutions on the VPI. I'm finding that if I only do 2-3 revolutions that there is still fluid remaining on the vinyl.