Most "Non-Digital" Sounding CDP

I have a Cary 308 cdp. It's very detailed and full--I won't say "warm," because it's not. Indeed, I would say that it just sounds like a very, very good "digital" product. What have you all heard that doesn't make you think "digital?"
I like the musical presentation of the Levinson 37/360S combo very very much and don't think of the "format" at all while listening-- well, unless the recording is poor.

I haven't heard the stand-alone 390S in my system, but would expect it to be similar in music quality. I do think the rest of the system is also very important to a musical presentation though. Cheers. Craig
There is NO digital that I have ever heard that can come close to a good analog rig with good components.Some of the SACDS are very good but still .............. I take the vinyl.
I'd find your suggested MBL is extreamly digital having an extreamly large 5-digit $number won't ya?:-)