Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer

I went and purchased two more John Coltrane CD’s, "Blue Train" and "Traneing In", in spite of, relative to other artists, having way too many of his albums already. I do love his music and just now counted having forty-eight of his albums, not even including the ones he recorded with Miles Davis.

Is there anyone else out there at least equally nutty, or has more recordings by any single artist, band or composer? If so, who do you like, and how many of their albums have you collected and play? Miles Davis at thirty-three records and CD’s, comes in a not too distant second in my collection.

Hopefully this topic hasn’t been broached before here.

Probably used to be The Dead/Garcia/Weir/Hart/Hunter/etc.

I would have to imagine The Cleveland Orchestra, various conductors.

The Royal Concertgebouw, various conductors, a close second, I think.

You jokers have lured me into measuring the width of the shelf space occupied by the artists who most dominate my collection.   Box sets get undeserved bonuses thanks to the extra width contributed by the box itself. LPs only!  I ain't gonna try and sort through the CDs.  And I certainly ain't gonna' actually count anything...

Mozart -- 11",  Beethoven -- 7 3/4", Mahler -- 6 1/2", Bach -- 4 1/2", Bowie -- 4 1/2", Elvis Costello -- 4", Doors -- 4", Schubert -- 3 1/2", Tchaikovsky -- 3 1/2", Genesis -- 3 1/2", Haydn -- 3 1/2", Puccini -- 3 1/4", Bartok -- 3", Springsteen -- 2 1/2", Sinatra -- 2", Various movie soundtracks and musicals -- 9".