Most transparent amp you've heard?

Of the amps I've listened to the Halcro DM58 was the most transparent. Anything else similar or better in that department?

Thanks Sean
I would like to add my 2c.
I found my system sounding better and better every time I modded my tt with leadshot, the way I saw it was: take away any mechanical noise/vibration and more of the music is heard. I know the nuances I was hearing were there before but they were being masked by the noise of the tt. So I understand what earlier posts(atma sphere) are saying and agree about taking away the distortion.
I can't wait to receive my atma sphere m60's, then I will have two amps to compare and see the differences between an excellent ss and an excellent tube amp.
IMHO I beleive the sim amp w-5 is very good, transparent? I beleive so.
Off topic, I still beleive in placing alot of importance on the source, that's got to be right before evauating the rest of the system. But I'm sure I am preaching to the audience and choir.
Boy Pedrillo, I would love to hear a nice Blue Note album on that turntable of yours!!