Most transparent open & dynamic cables out there?

Hi, my system currently consists of entire Classe Omega set up including the monoblocks and Tannoy Kingdom 15 speakers. Tannoys are great, powerful and monumental, with tons of bass but they are rather slow and heavy sounding with rolled off highs, even driven by almost perfect amps like Omega. They also don't respond well to either jumpers or true biwiring - it slows the sound even further. So what I'm looking for is classi bi-wired cable to open the sound a bit with great speed and dynamics and tight punchy bass. Thanx!
I agree with Zd 100%.

Your speakers provide three different sets of adjustments for fine tuning their high frequency response. Have you tried all possible combinations of settings?

I would expect that those adjustment provisions would have much greater impact on high frequency rolloff and perceived speed than a change between any reasonably designed cables would provide. If they don't solve the problem, or at least come close to solving it, something other than cables needs to be addressed.

-- Al
For the ones I have heard: Gabriel Gold Rapture R or Stealth Hybrid. You would require 2 sets of each for biwire. You might consider Antipodes Kamako....a little faster and ok for Classe....I find classe a little thin, dark and slow. I am using MG Audio Planus III and am really impressed but they aren't suited for could call Greg there just to check, they are great to work with.
That said, you might want to see what Steve at Gabriel has in stock.....I have a nine foot pair of Rapture R you might talk me out of.
What cables and DAC are you using now?

Cables is a possible solution including PCs from my experience.