Most underrated female recording artists..

I'm always looking for female singers who make my 2 channel system seem worthwhile for all l have spent...the list includes Nora Jones, Diana Krall , Sade and many others.... there are some fabulous singers out there but not recorded very well...lm adding Bonnie Raitt to my top list..The Bonnie Raitt collection red book cd...tracks 16 and 17 are spectacular on my system...  I'f anyone could add a suggestion it would be appreciated..


This post is turning into a insight to some of the best vocal music out there..hand picked by audiophiles and music lovers.IMO these types of recordings sound better on a monitor or a bookshelf speaker..the midrange is more forward and immediate....lm being a little critical, full range will work but not the same effect...l did listen to these suggestions and l will be buying some of these recordings...

Aimee Mann - Lost in Space and Mental Illness. Vinyl of these releases is very good.